Welcome to my Adventure!!!

For as long as I can remember I have been a picky eater.  My request at restaurants has been “Plain, just meat and cheese, nothing else”.  If it was a vegetable other than corn or carrots (uncooked of course) I wouldn’t eat it.  If it was a fruit other than an apple, banana or a grape I wouldn’t eat it.  You couldn’t pay me to put a pepper in my mouth, and could often find me picking every last bean out of a bowl of chili.  Sour Cream….No Way!!  Guacamole…..Absolutely Not!!  Ketchup….and that is about it!!  I have become a Pro at eating a bowl of French Onion Soup and leaving every piece of onion in the bowl.  I could challenge anyone to eat a plate of Mexican rice and leave every pea behind.

To be honest…….it became beyond ridiculous!!

About three years ago I slowly began trying new foods.  As I write this I am enjoying an Avocado as a snack.  Although it has been three years, I have a long way to go.  Without thinking about it I will still take all of the lettuce, onion and tomato off of my burger before I eat it.  I will still pick celery out of any plate of food I get.

Several months ago I started attending numerous food related events around the city in an attempt to get me out of my comfort zone.   Conversation at these events often revolves around how food is related to everyone’s life.  I started to realize that my story was a lot different than everyone else’s.   Many of the people have their own food blogs, they are chefs, bakers, culinary students, and all around Foodies.  They are often entertained when I share by background.  That I am simply a picky eater, wanting to learn how to eat new things.

I am starting this blog to document my adventure and new relationship with food.  I hope you will join me and offer me support along the way…..I am going to need it!!

**Update** – shortly after beginning this blog I was diagnosed with being Gluten Intolerant.  I stopped eating Gluten at the end of March 2012.  I could get more tests to determine if I actually suffer from Celiac Disease, but that would involve me introducing gluten back into my diet for several months.  My health has improved so much in just a few short months I am not willing to eat gluten again to simply get another test.  I know how I feel when I eat gluten, and I know I am a happier, healthier person without it.

This adventure with food has gone in a direction that I never expected.

Again…..Welcome to my Adventure!

Hawaiian Shave Ice – Grape Only!!

Milk Chocolate Only!!


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